Welcome to Ebenezer Journal! It is our sincere prayer that your faith and prayer life be strengthened in the Lord. We are so grateful that He has given us this opportunity to play a small part in His plan.

Prayer plays such a vital role in our daily walk with Christ, but many of us tend to neglect it. We get busy with our careers, our families and just life in general, that we forget to cultivate our relationship with God. Just like with any relationship, communication is the key.

Just as important as prayer is our ability to remember what God has already done for us. It is through remembrance that our faith is strengthened and renewed. There are many instances in the Bible where Jesus instructs us to “remember” Him. This act of remembrance keeps our focus on Him and His unconditional love for us.

Just like most people, we too have a very busy life. Aaron is a teaching elder at our local Community Bible Church and works 40+ hours a week for the local school district. I stay at home with our four beautiful kids and often dream up new entrepreneurial endeavors. Needless to say, our prayer life often suffers because we get caught up in… life. In an effort to nurture our prayer life, we began brainstorming different ways to help us stay focused. Aaron was studying in the book of I Samuel one day for a sermon he was preparing and the idea of the “Ebenezer Stone” struck him. Samuel set up a stone monument in remembrance of how God faithfully provided for them in their time of great need. He called the stone “Ebenezer”, which literally means stone of help.

We collaborated our thoughts and ideas, and with God’s help, the Ebenezer Journal was born. We designed our journals with prayer and remembrance in mind. Aaron and I both hold degrees in Graphic Design, so we wanted to create journals that were not only useful, but visually stimulating as well. We created designs that men and women would be excited about, and also a line for children. It is very important to us that our children learn how to pray and trust God in their lives. May these prayer journals be a blessing to you and your families.

~ Aaron & Amy Miller